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What to Know About Richpocket Credit Card

Many wonder about the Richpocket credit card and how to apply. If that’s your case too … You’ve arrived at the right place! In the following guide we will tell you all about this outstanding service in Mexico.


Once you decide to apply for a credit card, the news is not always good

Once you decide to apply for a credit card, the news is not always good

Going to any bank and asking for it can be more difficult than finding a tear in the ocean. Why? Because banks have their policies and annual quotas. This means that you must present a lot of documentation in case they have availability to give you a card.

This does not happen with Richpocket credit card, whose procedure is much simpler and faster. This company has different products to offer to those interested. What does it depend on? From your history as a consumer, how much you earn per month and some other aspects.

Richpocket benefits those who have a favorable credit habit, that is, they have not had debts in the past, but that does not mean that they put aside those who do accumulate them.

Some features you need to know about Richpocket credit card are:


The level of income requested is low

The level of income requested is low

Unlike what happens in banks, this entity offers plastics accessible to all Mexicans who have a job. Your card limit will basically depend on how much you receive from monthly pay. The lowest are $ 5000, which is the classic card and requires an income greater than $ 7000. The highest are $ 30,000, that is, the gold credit card, for users with higher payrolls.

Best of all, you can get a classic card first and then go ‘climbing’ to Gold , as long as your income increases and you can prove it.

Once you get the Richpocket credit card, you can access a fixed interest rate. Another significant fact since most banks have a variable rate, based on the price of the TIIE and the profit margin. This benefit lies in the fact that even before buying you will already know how much you will pay, also if you do it in installments. The calculation will be more than simple!

Card annuity is charged based on monthly billing. That is, if you use the service for a certain month, the bank charges you the amount corresponding to the quota for that period: the sum of the annuity divided by twelve months.


With an Richpocket credit card

credit card

You have the possibility to make your purchases in thousands of stores and markets throughout the country, and also internationally. Some of the additional benefits are:

  • access to the rewards program that grants 1 point for every dollar spent (or its equivalent in Mexican pesos)
  • $ 1000 welcome coupon and interjet ticket discounts (for classic interjet-Richpocket card)
  • access to more than 700 VIP lounges of airports in 120 countries with the priority pass system (for Richpocket platinum card)
  • First year free for the holder and without annuity for additional for life (for interjet-Richpocket platinum card).

The Richpocket credit card must be requested in person at any of the branches offered by the entity and the requirements are very low . Remember to bring your identity document with a photo and a statement of income and address. The rest of the documentation (if necessary) will be requested at the time by an account executive.

Maybe you can’t wait until the card is approved and you get home. And you must make an urgent purchase! In that case, we recommend that you take advantage of the online loans that we have on this portal.

In a matter of minutes you will complete the application and then you will have to wait about 15 minutes to know if it has been approved. In this case, you will have to accept the conditions of the contract (after reading it very well) and wait until the money is credited to your account. It is very easy, fast and safe. And best of all, you can do it from home or work … Also on weekends!