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Profit Loan – installment loan reviews.

How to get a loan at Profit Loan?

How to get a loan at Profi Credit?

Profit Loan is one of the most experienced loan companies in Poland. It has been operating on our market since 2004 and has managed to gain trust thanks to the individual approach to each consumer. This is possible due to the consistent customer service system that takes place through agents. To get a loan in installments at Profit Loan, you must submit an application via the website, and then go to one of the more than one hundred branches or invite the agent to yourself.

There are over 3,000 agents, so a visit is usually possible the next day. Profit Loan boasts of over 200 million loans granted and 20,000 contracts signed, of which over 72,000 loans for PLN 686 million were granted in Poland. In addition, Profit Loan is the company that offers the highest loan amount, because it is possible to take up to 25,000 PLN. Of course, with this amount you have to meet a number of requirements that will confirm our credit standing. Such requirements include an income certificate, an invoice issued in our name or a bank statement. You can apply for the maximum loan amount only after you are 30 years old. The repayment of such liability may be spread over a maximum of 36 months.

On the Profit Loan website you won’t find a loan calculator. All because the company prepares a separate offer for each customer depending on the amount, repayment period and their creditworthiness. Details on the installment amount can be found after sending the loan application.

Loans for companies at Profit Loan

Loans for companies at Profi Credit

It is also worth adding that Profit Loan offers the possibility of taking loans for companies up to PLN 4,000. We can receive a credit decision even in 30 minutes if we need a relatively low amount. In the event that we apply for the maximum amount, the waiting period may slightly increase, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

The Profit Loan loan fully complies with the new Consumer Credit Act. All costs, including non-interest, fall within the limits of the statutory standard. What’s more, we can withdraw from the loan within 14 days of its granting. If we give back the money within this period and inform the lender in writing, the company has no right to charge us any costs except for an interest rate of up to 16% per annum and any insurance. Commission, preparation and administration fees will not be charged to us.

Loans for those in debt with Profit Loan

Profit Loan meets the expectations of its clients. Their offer is also addressed to people who cannot apply for a loan at banks or other loan companies due to the current debt. Profit Loan approaches each client’s situation individually and grants loans to people with debts. It takes into account the degree of financial burden of the user and sets the amount and installment of the loan that will allow for comfortable borrowing and donating money.