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Make Money by Selling Things Over the Internet

For every sale over the Internet, quality photos are important:

  1. Clean the thing you are going to sell to make it look its best.
  2. Find a suitable neutral background where you can take photos. A floor or a place near a white wall is suitable.
  3. Take a picture of the subject from several angles .
  4. In the photo editor, crop your photos and correct color if necessary to reflect reality.

Describe the thing in detail and do not forget to point out any defects. Do a little research on the Internet to see how much similar items are sold.


How it goes on Auko

online selling

Auko is the biggest Czech server through which you can sell your stuff. Charges depend on what goods you offer. Publication of the offer is usually free, but in some categories you pay. For example, for books, cosmetics, music, and film, you would give $ 0.10 to 10.

Auko will also pay a commission from 2 to 8% for a successful sale. In addition, you can pay extra for the premium display of your offer.


Other internet marketplaces

internet marketplaces

You can try your favorite Bazoš. You do not pay for issuance or sales commission. However, you can pay extra to show your ad in the top positions. The disadvantage is a relatively anonymous environment and therefore a greater risk of fraud.

While on Basuzo and Auko you are reaching people who do not know the server individ targeted to your friends and acquaintances. Place an offer and share it on social networks. You act under your own name and friends are not afraid to buy from you.

The first 200 items can be displayed free of charge per individual. For each additional you pay 1 CZK, the commission does not take commission on sold pieces.